Project overview

The EuroPAT-MASIP project will reinforce the European semiconductor manufacturing position through focusing in the semiconductor and MEMS packaging ecosystem. Semiconductor packaging, assembly and test involve most of the semiconductor value chain, ranging from material suppliers to software design and packaging foundries to test houses. EuroPAT-MASIP will consolidate and extend the leadership in semiconductor processing know-how, by developing and fostering packaging related technological and manufacturing building blocks, serving different (emerging) industrial sectors. EuroPAT-MASIP will develop:

  • Modelling, design and simulation of packaging related key features and challenges
  • The key packaging technologies, equipment and materials
  • Heterogeneous (3D) integration of the smart system building blocks (More than Moore, MtM) and System in Package (SIP);
  • Test strategy including metrology, methods and equipment, reliability and failure analysis

Furthermore, the project will accelerate the manufacturing uptake of the new technologies and shortening time-to-market by demonstrating the new capabilities industrial need based Application Pilots. The automotive industries related Application Pilots utilize manufacturing science but are based on industrial partner’s needs capabilities and needs, and thus industry-compatible.

EuroPAT-MASIP strives to increase the competitiveness and the global market share of the European semiconductor industry by fostering the competence and capabilities of semiconductor packaging. Steps will be taken to facilitate the collaboration of European semiconductor and MEMS packaging ecosystem to assuring a co-creation network after the project. The EuroPAT-MASIP consortium will actively promote the capabilities and the related ecosystem, feeding also to attracting talent and academic education issues. Ultimately, the project results will increase the attractiveness for private investments and talent by developing and promoting the key capabilities to match the future needs of European industries and emerging technology drivers.