Publications & Events


Upcoming events

27-29th January 2020: 3D & Systems Summit @ Dresden, Germany

Meet Ayad Ghannam (from 3DiS) on Session 5: Mobile and IoT on Wednesday 29th.

Past events

13-14th June 2017: ECSEL JU Symposium @ Malta

20-21st June 2017: European SiPAT Member F2F Meeting @ Berlin, Germany

18-20th October 2017: EPoSS annual forum @ Graz, Austria

14-17th November 2017: SEMICON Europa @ Munich, Germany

19-20th June 2018: ECSEL Symposium @ Brussels, Belgium

28-30th August 2018: the ASME 2018 InterPACK @ San Francisco, CA, USA

Talk by Sven Rzepka on “Thermo-mechanical Reliability of the High-Performance Vehicle Computers Enabling Fully Autonomous Driving”

18-21st September 2018: the ESTC @ Dresden, Germany

Our project will have its own special session under topic “EuroPAT-MASIP – Recent advantages in electronics packaging” on Wednesday 19th afternoon. Please remember to confirm the exact time from the ESTC2018 website!

16-17th October 2018: EPoSS Annual forum @ Thessaloniki, Greece

13-16th November 2018: Semicon Europe @ Munich, Germany 

20-22nd November 2018: EFECS 2018 @ Lisbon, Portugal

4-6th December 2018: ICT 2018 @ Vienna, Austria

4th April 2019: IMAPS Microtech 2019 “Power in Packaging” @ UK

10-11th April 2019: Smart Systems Integration @ Barcelona

EuroPAT-MASIP partners can be met in Test and reliability session (Room 11) on Wednesday 10th of April:

16:50 The Creation of a Validated Scheme for the Automated Optimization of Systems in Package Designs, Ghanshyam Gadhiya, Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS

28-31 May 2019: ECTC @ Las Vegas, USA

Wed 29 May 2019, 9-11 AM
Session 37: Interactive Presentations 1
Ayad Ghannam (3DiS Technologies); Birgit Brandstätter (BESI AT); Niek van Haare, Sebastiaan Kersjes (BESI NL); Julian Bravin (EVG); Philippe Meunier (NXP):
Ultra-Thin QFN-Like 3D Package with 3D Integrated Passive Devices

17-18 June 2019: ECSEL JU Symposium @ Bucharest, Romania

Come to meet us at EuroPAT-MASIP booth!

16-19 September 2019: EMPC @ Pisa, Italy

Talk on Thursday 19th in Auditorium: Assessment of FOWLP process dependent wafer warpage using parametric FE study. Ghanshyam Gadhiya, Fraunhofer ENAS.

16-17th October 2019: EPoSS annual forum @ San Sebastián, Spain

12-15th November 2019: Semicon Europa @ Munich, Germany

19-21st November 2019: EFECS @ Helsinki, Finland

Come to meet us at EuroPAT-MASIP booth in the exhibition!